Terms of Use

This is the conditions that you agree to when you use Athlete Manager. It also covers what you can expect from Athlete Manager and what we can expect from you.

In this document, "we" or "our" refers to Athlete Manager, "you" refers to you and your account and "group" and "club" can be used interchangeably to mean any organisation or charitable cause that is associated with Special Olympics GB.

Accepting Policies and General Requirements

  1. By using Athlete Manager, you accept all the policies that can be found on our policy page.
  2. To use Athlete Manager, clubs must be registered to or affiliated with SOGB.
  3. You accept that when making decisions on what counts as excessive or abusive use that our word is final and no warning is required for tackling inappropriate behaviour.
  4. Athlete Manager is a service that will be provided to you to help with the administration of Special Olympics GB groups.
  5. Athlete Manager and the use of it is bound by UK law, this includes GDPR and Computer Misuse Act.

Payments and Subscriptions

  1. You will not knowingly run-up a negative account balance.
    1. You accept that you will repay any negative account balances, along with any costs incurred by Athlete Manager as a result of a negative balance - this may be a result of us being charged by a provider or for the admin time spent dealing with the issue.
  2. You accept that payments may be taken on a regular basis from your group's balance based on any services used - for example, but not limited to, automated tasks. These services may be charged at different rates, i.e. on demand or at regular intervals - the calculations used will be explained.
    1. For regular expenses, such as storage, the price is not fixed; it may change. Four weeks notice will be given to changes in pricing that are not directly controlled by Athlete Manager. Prices that are outside of our control include SMS rate.
  3. You accept that you will only make transactions to Athlete Manager through the payment portal provided.
    1. You accept that Athlete Manager is not liable for any loss if you try to make a payment through an alternative means.
  4. You accept that the minimum top-up amount is £20.
  5. You accept that Athlete Manager will automatically deduct the renewal fee from your account balance 1 week before your subscription expires.
    1. You accept that Athlete Manager will deduct funds for subscription renewal and automated tasks, even if this takes the balance below £0.
    2. You accept that Athlete Manager is not responsible for any costs that are incurred as a result of automated tasks.
    3. You accept that your group is responsible for monitoring the the outgoing costs of the group on Athlete Manager.
    4. The renewal cost will be available to groups through their subscription panel. The subscription cost can be changed at any point without warning.
      1. Once the renewal fee is paid, any increase in subscription costs will not be applicable until the next subscription renewal is due.
      2. The subscription can be renewed manually any time from two months before the subscription expires.
  6. You accept that you will let Athlete Manager know at least one month before the renewal date if you no longer wish to continue using Athlete Manager.
  7. You accept that the contract with Athlete Manager lasts for a year for non-trial groups. For trial groups it is until the trial period expires.
  8. Any late payments will see the extra year added to the date subscription end date.
  9. For groups in the trial period, they are bound by these conditions and their contract starts once they receive their first account.
  10. You accept that when a subscription expires, Athlete Manager can delete all the data, including uploaded data, and that restoration of data will not be possible and Athlete Manager will not be liable for losses as a result.
  11. You accept that refunds are not possible.
  12. You accept that payment will be immediately required when the trial period comes to an end.
  13. You accept that costs will be immediately deducted for certain actions, such as sending SMS messages.
  14. You accept that costs of third party services can change without warning.
  15. You accept that the price of services can change and one months notice will be given to services that are within direct control of Athlete Manager; for example, file storage. This does not include third party reliant services, such as SMS sending.

Acceptable Use

  1. You accept that you will not try to access the data of others, except when following our Whitehat policy.
  2. You accept that logs will be audited, any unacceptable use may result in account termination without warning or refund.


  1. We will provide 99% uptime a year, excluding planned maintenance. This will usually be between the hours of 00:00 (12:00am) and 06:00 (6am) - this is scheduled by default for every Wednesday and Saturday.
    1. This is calculated per calendar month, if the downtime exceeded 99% you will be credited with the number of hours downtime as a cost of your subscription.
  2. You will be notified via an alert upon logging in at least 1 week ahead of any maintenance that is likely to cause major disruption. If this is likely to cause unreasonable inconvenience to your group, i.e. you need Athlete Manager for an event or trip, postponing can be considered.
  3. Availability statistics will be determined by an independent third party, downtime includes the server responding to ping requests but not loading the webpage - for example, 500 server errors.
  4. To count as downtime, the issue must be site wide and not isolated to one individual.


  1. You accept that you will only have one account.
  2. You accept that only you will use the account and you will not disclose your password to anyone.
  3. If you are registered as a guardian with no other accounts, your account may be deleted without warning if your athlete is removed from all their clubs.
    1. If you are a guardian, you accept that your details will be available to a club if your athlete joins the new club - you will have to approve the join.
  4. We reserve the right to automatically suspend accounts that appear to act abnormally.
  5. We reserve the right to audit the logs and suspend any accounts that appear to have accessed data inappropriately.
  6. We reserve the right to audit the logs and suspend any accounts that appear to be acting drastically different to normal.

Offers and Features

  1. You accept that offers, for example increased free cloud storage limit, may be for a specified and limited time.
  2. You accept that access to features may be withdrawn at any moment for misuse.


  1. You accept that you will not send unsolicited material using Athlete Manager systems.
  2. You accept that all communication must be relevant to those that will get the message.
  3. You accept that you understand that people can choose not to receive email or SMS messages from a specific distribution group.

Content Creation and Uploading

  1. You accept that you will not create any offensive or derogatory content.
  2. You accept that you will not upload any content that you would not want to be available to the general public.
    1. Uploaded content is protected with URL signing, this protects them from most access attempts however someone with the link would be able to send the link to someone else. The link will, eventually, expire.
  3. You accept that any uploaded content can be deleted at any moment without warning.
  4. You accept that Athlete Manager can delete any content that is deemed to be offensive.
  5. You accept that you will not upload any copyright material.
  6. When deleting uploaded content from Athlete Manager, access to the file will be removed and the file will then be deleted from servers within 24 hours.
    1. You accept that it is not possible to recover deleted files.
  7. You accept that you will only upload PDF files, word processing documents, slide shows, spreadsheets and media files.
  8. You accept that you will not knowingly upload any content that contains malware.
    1. You accept that you may be banned from uploading content or have your account removed for uploading content that contains malicious code.
  9. Athlete Manager will not use any uploaded content.
  10. The club or region that uploaded the content will remain the owner of the content.
  11. We reserve the right to check that the file extention and 'magic bytes' match.
    1. You accept that any content that has magic bytes that do not match its extension may be deleted.
  12. You accept that any uploads from your account will be reassigned to another individual if your account is deleted.
  13. If you use more than the free limit, you accept that you will pay for the amount used.


  1. When creating forms, you must not only ask questions that are neccesary.
  2. You accept that you will ensure forms are marked as sensitive when appropriate.
  3. You accept that if a complaint is made regarding the questions in a form that we may delete the form without warning if the question is deemed to be excessive. Alternatively, we may just remove the one question from the form. The point of contact for the group will be contacted with an explenation.

Access Rights

  1. If you have the ability to control access rights, you accept that you will ensure access rights are only given to those that require them and are removed from those who no longer need them.
  2. We reserve the rights to, at any moment, add additional access right checks to certain functions on Athlete Manager.

Interacting With Others

  1. You accept that when Interacting with others through Athlete Manager, or when contacting Athlete Manager, that you will so with respect.
    1. You will not harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate anyone be it over email or on Athlete Manager.

API Keys and Automation

  1. API Keys
    1. You accept that you are responsible for any API keys you generate.
    2. You accept that you will not disclose your API key to anyone else and that if it is compromised you will delete it.
  2. You accept that you understand that automated tasks can still incur a cost and that your club will be liable for any cost incurred.

Emergency SMS

  1. You accept that you will not disclose the Emergency SMS number to anyone without a reason to know it.
  2. You accept that to use the system, you will need to register your number with Athlete Manager.
  3. You accept that Athlete Manager is not responsible if you are unable to use the service due to poor signal or service downtime.
    1. We recommend saving records as a PDF file and storing them on an encrypted device that can be wiped remotely.
  4. You accept that your club will be billed for the SMS messages that are sent.
  5. You accept that the system will only work under specific conditions:
    1. When the SMS is received from someone who has registered their number with Athlete Manager.
    2. That the athlete must be part of a group that the sender is also part of.
    3. That the athlete is either on a normal training session, as defined by the calendar, or that the athlete has been signed up to an event and the event is in progress.

Exporting Data

  1. You accept that any data exported from Athlete Manager will be kept secure and that you are responsible for it.

Data Breach

  1. In the event of a data breach, you will be notified as soon as possible. This website will be used as the main point of communication. If the website itself is compromised, then our Twitter account will be used.
  2. If there is a data breach, we reserve the right to get an outside company to assist.
    1. They may have access to data however they will be under a strict NDA.
  3. You accept that Athlete Manager is not responsible for any data that is lost as a result of a password being disclosed or reused.
    1. You accept that you will use Two Factor Authentication if you have access to sensitive data.

Changing Policies

  1. Athlete Manager will provide four weeks of warning for any policy changes that will have a substantial or measured impact on individuals.
  2. Athlete Manager will provide no warning for any policy changes that are to correct spellings or grammar.
    1. Athlete Manager will endeavour to provide two weeks of warning for any policy changes that will not have a substantial impact, for example when clarifying existing policies or when an existing policy has been misconstrued.
  3. Clubs that do not accept changes to the terms and conditions will be free to leave the service without incurring a fee.
  4. You will be notified by a change in policy through an alert on the dashboard once you log in.
    1. The point of contacts for each group or region will be emailed about changes; they must review the changes and make the decision on behalf of their club.

Adding Individuals To Access Manager

  1. You will only add people to access manager when there is a clear reason for your club to hold their details.
  2. You may request Individuals so long as your group has a reason to request them.
  3. You may add athletes and volunteers that are not associated with SOGB.
  4. You will ensure that you have the consent of individuals before adding them to Athlete Manager.

Points of Contact

  1. Groups and regions will ensure that they maintain an up to date point of contact.
  2. The point of contact is the liaison between Athlete Manager and any groups, regions or individuals who may require assistance.
    1. Points of contact may be required to vetify that requests for support are genuine.

Getting Help

  1. You accept that when you contact Athlete Manager for support that your email will be searched against our user database to ensure you have a valid account.
    1. You accept that any phone number that is recorded against your account may be called to further validate any support requests.
  2. You accept that you will provide any requested proof of ownership.
  3. You accept that the point of contact for a group you're involved in may be contacted about a query or question that you submit; this will be used to vetify the request.

Requests for Features

  1. You may submit feature requests to hello+idea@athletemanager.co.uk.
  2. You accept that your idea may not be created.
  3. You accept that the feature may become a premium feature that is not free for use.
    1. You accept that you that there is no expectation of compensation for any ideas that are implemented, regardless of if they are free to use or paid for.

Adding Groups To Access Manager

  1. If you have the access rights, you may only add a group to Athlete Manager if they can provide proof of a valid link between their group and Special Olympics GB.

Athlete Manager and SOGB

  1. You understand that Athlete Manager is not endorsed by by Special Olympics GB.

Athlete Manager Copyright

  1. You will not make false statements about any links to or involvement with Athlete Manager wether as an individual or a group.
  2. You will not copy or redistribute the JavaScript code that powers pages of this website.